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The plan guidelines issued by the depatment of Local Self Governments of Kerala State Government for 2017-18 (no. 80/2017/LGD dated 03/04/2017) offers wide possibilities to solve the limitations faced in yester years in ensuring Gender Equality and Equity. It is with the goal of working towards a gender just society and special mention must be made of the suggestion to start Gender Resource Centres (GRC) at the district and panchayat levels to offer continued support in local planning and implementing gender sensitive programmes.

Sakhi is attempting to expand this concept and give more clarity for the local governments to pursue this idea of GRC. In the two day workshop we had presented a backgound note with  several potentials and possibilities for GRC. This does not mean that all GRCs can undertake all of these or they have to limit with this. GRCs could be set up accroding to the situatioon of each village. Basically, the GRCs aim to bring about social and gender justice to women, girls and the marginalised and contribute too good governance.

We will rework this note after getting suggestions in the workshop and will publish it. Our efforts will be completed once this documents is used widely by the LSGs for making their Panchayats Gender friendly.

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