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Sakhi started with the idea that “information is power”. Sakhi develops a gender perspective by disseminating information on gender, feminism and related issues and thus supports women activists and groups in Kerala. The library and documentation centre of Sakhi caters this need.

It has above 8000 books, a number of journals, magazines, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, posters, audio and video cassettes. These resources are used by a wide cross section of individuals and institutions.

The library is computerized and user friendly. The books are classified subject wise. We have classified the books according to the Akshara (feminist) classification system. Publication of books, training manuals, pamphlets is considered as an important way of information dissemination in local language.

Our Library mainly focuses on topics like :

- Women & Violence (Child Sexual Abuse, Safety in Public Place, Domestic Violence)

- Women’s  Studies

- Women & Politics

- Women & Health

- Women & Learning

- Women & Labour

- Adolescence

- Education

- Sexuality

- Feminisms

- Gender & Development

- Environment & Tourism

- Women & Media

- Marriage

- Gerontology

- Dalit women

- Masculinities

- Labour

- Judiciary and Law

- Training Materials and

- Reference books


We have documentation also in above mentioned topics. We have collection of paper cuttings from 1996. Separate files are kept for some of the violence cases in Kerala (E.g Suryanelli and Vithura case).

Apart from these we also have books in Malayalam as well as English on literature, poem, Dramas , Short Stories, Autobiographies, Essays, Selected Novels etc. .

We have more than 500 members in library. Students, housewives, research scholars, foreigners etc.  visit our library.  Students from Social Work Departments of various universities are doing their internship with Sakhi.

Weekly’s and Magazines

We have some collection of Samudra magazines (Fisheries), Sangaditha (from Anweshi), Newsletters (by Kudumbashree,) Women’s Link and Samyukta. We subscribe to weeklies like The Week, Malayalam and Mathrubhumi.

We had subscribed to printed edition of Economic and Political Weekly (EPW) but from year 2015 onwards we have subscribed web edition of EPW.

Membership fee and other details

Regular membership fees (1 year) – Rs. 250 (Students) and Rs. 300 (Working people)

Reference fee – Rs. 20 daily basis

Reference for 3 months – Rs. 75

Those who want to take regular membership should bring 2 passport size photos.

Regular members can borrow two books at a time for 14 days. Renewal of books is possible for one time (14 days).

A fine of 50 paisa charged after due date.

Xerox also can be taken here for essential portion of book, though full book xerox is not entertained.  Reading facility is made available and using laptop is also allowed for related studies.

Sakhi’s  Publications

Gender Training Manual

Gender Training Manual


Report of Safe cities initiative                         Pre-marital Counselling

Report of Safe cities initiative                        Handbook for Premarital course


PWDV Act                 CSA

PWDV Act                                                         Child Sexual Abuse

My Body                                  Me and My body( on body awareness of girls)

My body (on body awareness of boys)                Me and My body( on body awareness of girls)

Gender, Health and Development                   Gender and Panchayati Raj

Gender, Health and Development                               Gender and Panchayati Raj

JagrathaSamithi                      Viruyunnu Mugulangal ( Blooming Buds)

Module of Jagratha Samithi                        Viruyunnu Mugulangal ( Blooming Buds)


Sthreeeum Samoohavum                        Violence against women and girls

Sthreeyum Samoohavum                                    Violence against women and girls


Using Sakhi Resource Centre

We invite all interested individuals and organizations to use our library and documentation centre.