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Capacity building programmes has been one of our strengths when we initiated Sakhi. Our work with the marginalized communities equipped us to be very sensitive to the methodologies and tools in sharing knowledge and building capabilities. We have done a number of trainings, workshops and courses with an ever-expanding constituency and a continually evolving feminist training methodology.In congruence with our mission of mainstreaming gender in the public discourse of Kerala, as well as facilitating capacity building of women leaders and women’s groups, Sakhi has undertaken to conduct number of training programmes on gender, health and development, adolescent issues and leadership development.

Besides, residential trainings and courses, we also organize seminars and workshops on issues of current relevance. This is meant to sensitize participants on a gender perspective of development issues

Gender and Leadership Trainings

Gender as a concept and tool of analysis is used differently by different agencies. It is found in the documents of international financial agencies like World Bank, donor agencies, governments, NGO’s and feminist groups. Many use it apolitically, just as a tool of analysis, without integrating with a systemic analysis of structures of patriarchy.
Sakhi is committed to enhance skills of gender trainers from women’s groups to bring in the right perspective and analytical skills. We decided to select a core group of activists and enhance their skills as gender trainers.

Sakhi also continures to give community based training programmes for women leaders of women’s groups from villages where our focused grass root initiatives are taking place.


Workshops on Masculinity

In the context of bringing about gender consciousness,the need to gender sensitize men was emphasized very often in the discussions with women. These workshops were mainly conducted with young men from universities with a view to bring about more studies and explorations on how masculinities are getting constructed in the context of Kerala.

A core group of pro-feminist men have emerged out of this process. They initiated a rally of men and conducted a public meeting against violence during the 16-day campaign for violence against women. The theme of masculinities also figured at the workshop organised during the Kerala social Forum in December 2002. Some scholars are now pursuing studies on theories of body/construction of masculinity in the context of Kerala.


Occasional Seminars on current issues

This was conducted depending on the issues covering wide range of topics. Some of the current issues taken for occasional seminars was PWDV Act,, Discussions after viewing an issue based film etc


Training Manuals

Sakhi developed a life skill training manual for adolescents in malayalam called Blooming Buds and three booklets on Me and My body for boys and girls.

One of the major achievements is the publication of a Gender Training Manual in Malayalam. This was the result of many years of work and is a compilation of the various modules and sessions which are tested over the numerous training programmes we had organized. It was released by Hon. Finance Minister of the state, Dr. Thomas Issac in September in a well attended public function.