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Violence Interventions and Legal Support

The official statistics from State Police of national Crime Records Bureau says that violence against women in Kerala is increasing. The numerous complaints received by State Women’s Commission and Women’s organizations on domestic violence, sexual violence, dowry deaths, workplace harassments, child sexual abuse etc provide enough proof for this.

In this context Sakhi within the scope of limited resource, started a legal cell in 2002. We lend free legal aid and counseling to those women from poor families who approach us with cases of any forms of violence. We also believe that it is important to prevent violence against women rather than intervene after it happens. Therefore through network of community based organsizations and Self help groups awareness programmes and campaigns are conducted.

Anti Sexual Harassment Committees at Workplaces

In accordance with the Supreme court guidelines, many government offices and public sector units have set up anti harassment committees and Sakhi staff are members of many such committees. We use this opportunity to conduct gender awareness programmes.


We believe that it is more important to prevent violence against women than intervene when it happens and for this awareness progrmmes and attitudinal changes are needed. Besides, men need to know that there is someone to support the women, if they harass them. So through the network of Self Help groups (SHG’s) and other community based organizations, awareness programmes and campaigns are conducted. Leaflets, posters and other visual materials are used

Every year we conduct two major campaigns – one around 8th March on International Women’s Day and one around 25th November – International Day on Violence against Women

International Campaign on Violence against Women

Sakhi joins with women’s organizations all over the country, to undertake the 16 days campaign on violence against women (November 25th to Dec 10th). Posters and stickers and other campaign materials are prepared and every ear, various activities are conducted all over Kerala, in collaboration with women’s groups and NGO’s. Public meetings, Vehicle journeys, corner meetings, programmes in schools and colleges etc are part of this campaign.

The campaign helps to high light the issues of domestic violence, Sexual harassment at workplace, harassment while traveling, the invisibility and burden of housework, child sexual abuse etc. It also helps to link various actors in the field and bring about public awareness on issues affecting women and society

International Women’s Day

The International Women’s Day, celebrated on 8 March every year, is an opportunity for Sakhi to focus on various issues concerning women. We celeberate this day with several programmes awareness like seminars, film festivals, through dissemination of information to different parts of trivandrum districts by means of a vehicle dharna.