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As a resource center, we feel it our responsibility to collaborate with other organizations and institutions in further advancing the cause of women. We have collaborated with various programmes and campaigns organised by different organizations and institutions

Various organizations have associated with us by sending their staff for the training programmes organised by us or by joining the campaigns and other activities. Sewa,Trivandrum, Anweshi ,Calicut, Protsahan etc are few of the many organizations who closely interacts with us

Besides these, a major focus of our activities is helping the emergence of a movement of women, capable of taking up issues and exercising women’s agency. We are part of the network of women’s groups in Kerala called Kerala stree Vedi (Kerala women’s forum). We actively take part in the struggles and campaigns organized as part of the forum

Our community involvement strengthens our other activities and in this besides the work in all the different panchayats, women’s groups of Vizhinjam and Pulluvilla deserves our special thanks. They actively participated in all the activities and struggles and were keen to get us involved in the adolescent programme sin the village, besides offering constant support to victims of violence in spite of so many negative pressures.

At the national level, we are a member of the national network of autonomous women’s organizations (NNWAG), national co ordination committee (NCC) etc and take part in the joint programmes.