Vision, Mission and Aim

Our Vision

Working towards an equitable and gender just society based on equality, equity and peace, where there is no discrimination or exploitation based on class, caste, race or gender.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a comfortable space for women, to construct a strong gender resource base, to reach out to women and youth and to disseminate information related to gender, to mainstream gender concerns into the structures and systems of institutions especially those at the local self governments and to facilitate the local bodies in their general development and in gender specific initiatives.

Responding to the emerging knowledge and the emerging needs of the society, certain areas like masculinities, life skill education for adolescents, post flood reconstruction and rehabilitation were included in our scheme of things

Our Aim

  • To systematically collect, document and disseminate information on all aspects of women’s lives.
  • To disseminate the results of our research and documentation through pamphlets, booklets, slides, audio-videocassettes, films, lectures seminars and posters.
  • To empower women with information and knowledge and create opportunities for their leadership development and find strength in collective action
  • To thrive for eliminating the gender discriminations and exploitations prevailing in the present-day society.
  • To bridge the gap between local and global events and national and international debates regarding feminist thoughts and practices.
  • To mainstream gender in the political and social discourses of Kerala and India so that women can actively participate in governance
  • To network with women’s groups, libraries and like-minded documentation and research centres at the regional, national and international levels.