Gender and diversity inclusive post flood reconstruction programme

Kerala experienced devastating flood in 2018. The flood was the worst that the state has seen in a century. About 400 people lost their lives and hundreds lost their homes and livelihood

Bill Gates and Melinda foundation came forward to support Sakhi in rehabilitation efforts. The three priority areas selected were housing, livelihood restoration and improving common facilities. As all our activities were through local governments, in this initiative too, Sakhi chose to work with worst affected panchayats.

We had a state level consultation to understand the ramifications of rehabilitation which is gender and diversity inclusive. The focus was on providing homes for marginalised women and enhancing livelihood.

The duration of the Programme planned was from November 2018 to May 2020 (18 months).


Sakhi chose two panchayats where we were working at the time of floods. This was Cherpu,Thrissur and Edavaka in Wayanad

The following were decided as the criteria for selection of beneficiaries:

  • people with minimum required land,
  • female-headed households,
  • houses with young infants and children,
  • senior citizens,
  • Physically or mentally challenged people.

In consultation with the elected members of both panchayats and through a transparent and systematic process and using the above criteria we selected 20 families in Cherpu,Thrissur and seven in Edavaka in Wayand. These were mostly of women senior citizens with dependants who were physically or mentally challenged and women who were single.

“Inspirations” based in Ernakulum was selected as architects with their vast experience in cost effective housing. The two bedroom house design was discussed with the local government authorities and the beneficiaries. All the houses were custom designed taking into consideration the needs of beneficiaries (Aged, disabled, students etc) and possibility of future calamities. Attention was paid especially to water management, energy efficiency etc. Whatever reusable materials salvaged from the dilapidated houses were reused .Few partially damaged houses were repaired and made liveable. As far as possible, local materials were used

In collaboration with two partner NGO’s (Rastha in Wayand and Centre for Rural Management (CRM) in Kottayam) and four Gram Panchayat, livelihood programmes were implemented. 375 women who were affected by the deluge were supported in two of the worst affected districts to restart their livelihood in agro -related activities with training and marketing support. Another group of 107 young women were imparted skills such as wiring, electronics, plumbing, mobile servicing and agro activities. Archana women’s centre supported these training in skill development

Common facilities:
We upgraded the common facilities of the Government Junior Basic School at Padinjattemurry, of Cherpu Gram panchayat. It was selected by the panchayat as it is used as a relief camp during floods
Details can be seen in the video